Where to Advertise Your Business Online?

where to advertise your business online

Where to Advertise Online?

Digital marketing can be quite overwhelming especially if you are new to the idea. What is the importance of online advertising for business? Where should you advertise? What is the best way to get your money’s worth? Is it effective? These are just some of the questions many marketers and business owners ask, making it hard to figure out where exactly to start.

To help you, let us first discuss the importance of online advertising for business. And the best way to explain this is through data and numbers. See, 50% of people who click on ads are more likely to make a purchase compared to those who click on your organic links. Moreover, according to highervisibility.com, small businesses make $3 in revenue for every $1.60 they spend on search ads. What does this mean? 

Advertising your business online will give you results – but only when done properly.

In today’s day and age, promoting online is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. It is so effective that 62% of advertisers and marketers said they plan to increase their budget for search advertising in 2019. Meaning, it has worked for them and it can certainly work for you too. You just have to familiarize yourself with the best digital marketing strategies and choose the right platform for your online advertising business needs. But if you’re not sure which you should choose, we’ve listed a few of the best places to advertise your business online.

1. Google

Google Ads is hands down the best place where you should advertise. It is the most used pay-per-click (PPC) program as of writing and it accounts for almost 70% of Google’s revenue – which speaks a lot for its effectiveness. Also, according to internetlivestats.com, Google gets over 3.5 billion searches per day. So advertising on this search engine provides you access to one of the largest audiences you won’t find elsewhere. 

If you’re still unconvinced, here’s another fun fact for you: You can boost the metric up by as much as 80% even with just one brand awareness campaign. Thus, if you’re thinking of where to start your digital marketing journey, Google Ads is the best step forward. However, be extra careful when starting your first campaign. When not done right, this can lead to a very expensive advertising strategy. However, when you get it right, you’ll start getting a lot of targeted traffic much faster compared to what you’ll get from organic searches. 

2. Facebook

While Facebook doesn’t have the overall reach of Google, it is a blessing when it comes to targeted advertising. For example, it allows you to reach women who have been reading the same book or whose recent behavior includes planning for a vacation. If your goal is to increase brand awareness within a specific group of people, Facebook is your top choice. 

Another reason why Facebook is a great place to advertise on is that it has a lower cost compared to Google, especially among popular categories. With Facebook, you can put your ads in front of your target market and make people more aware of your brand without overspending. 

Overall, even if Facebook doesn’t have the same broad reach with that of Google, it is still widely used throughout many countries and across different demographic groups. Thus, Facebook is the best choice for your advertising strategy especially if you know your audience. 

3. Instagram

If your business targets the younger generation, Instagram should be one of the channels you should advertise on. Most of Instagram’s users fall into two categories: 18 to 24 and 25 to 34. These two groups are more likely to listen and trust a brand if their favorite celebrities endorse such items. Thus, if you are planning to use Instagram, your best chance is through sponsored content.

You can create sponsored content by paying an influencer to post about your product or brand. If you’re not familiar with what an influencer is, just go to Instagram and search for users with lots of followers. Just keep in mind that the price of influencer posts can differ from every person. It has been reported that brands pay an average of $250 to a staggering $1 million for every post. But don’t worry. If you’re targeting a local audience, this will be cheaper. 

For small businesses, we recommend finding micro-influencers in your industry instead of global stars. While they have a smaller following, they can still have an influence in your area. Furthermore, they can post about your business in exchange for free products or services – which is far cheaper than with celebrity influencers. 

According to Statista, Instagram has reached one billion monthly active users in June 2018. While this is significantly lower than that of Google and Facebook, it is still worth investing in this platform – especially if you’re targeting the younger audience. 

4. Twitter

Most highly educated and affluent users spend their time on Twitter. If you are targeting individuals with college degrees, this is a great platform to advertise your business. More importantly, Twitter is highly cost-efficient. You will only get charged for ads that achieve your conversion goal. For example, if your goal is to increase your followers, you will only pay when you gain a new follower.  

But what makes Twitter one of the best places to advertise on is that it offers the best of both worlds. On one hand, it is similar to Google with its keyword auction but the cost you will have to pay for each click is surprisingly low because there’s not much competition present. Then, Twitter offers a few of the targeting capabilities of Facebook without the expensive price tag. 


If you notice, most of the platforms we’ve listed here are social networking sites. This is because this is where people are. Plus, it’s probably the first thing consumers check upon waking up and the last thing they’ll see before sleeping. But just a friendly reminder, don’t just focus your efforts on creating great ads for your customers to see. We recommend that you engage and interact with your target audience as well. Because, if you’re wondering how to advertise your business online for free, this is the best way to go.

If you create a relationship with your followers, you are turning them into brand advocates who will vouch for the reliability and quality of your products and/or services.  

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