What to know about Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Believe it or not, marketing can make or break your business. But that depends on what platform you’ve opted for and what kind of marketing technique you’re going for it. With myriads of marketing platforms around, social media stands tall of them all. But why?

There are some businesses that go about the traditional ways of marketing (yes, we’re talking about newspapers and flyers). But the saying “out with the old and in with the new” rings true when it comes to social media marketing. So what’s the deal with this marketing platform and how is it vital for your business?

Social Media Marketing Benefits

Most people have their faces glued into some form of social media nowadays. Although this sounds bad from a different perspective, it is actually a great opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs alike. Here’s the thing, your products or services can be easily discovered and reach potential customers when you opt for social media as a marketing platform. Think of social media as a neighborhood of some sorts. Once your products/services are shared into the platform and someone happens to try it out, that individual will likely spread the word on how awesome it is so that everyone will notice. Kind of a “word of mouth” marketing so to speak.

And it doesn’t end there. You can also easily build your brand and connect with your audience on social media without a sweat. Social media platforms nowadays also have built-in tools that can be used by businesses. Take Facebook for example, where they have a dedicated “Page Manager” that can be utilized by businesses no matter how big or small. 

Choosing the Right Social Media Marketing Platform 

As said earlier, there are plenty of social media platforms in the web for businesses to take advantage of, with the most popular one being Facebook. Facebook started small back in the days with simple features. As time went by, it began to gain traction where more and more people are using it as the platform of choice to share their lives. The feature “Organization pages”, which is now called “Pages”, is overlooked by many in the early days of Facebook. However, as time goes by, more businesses and organizations saw the advantages of the feature and how it can help market their business. Today, Facebook “Pages” are now being utilized by a lot of businesses and the company itself continues to bring new tools to the platform that can help grow businesses.

Aside from Facebook, Twitter is also the preferred social media platform of choice for entrepreneurs to market their products and services. Take a look at smartphone companies for example. Most of them utilize Twitter by having a separate “support profile” for their company to address their buyer’s issues and concerns. For Samsung, they have a “Samsung Support” Twitter page. Microsoft also did the same for their different platforms such as Skype, Xbox, Azure, etc. It’s a great way to interact and engage with your loyal customers where you can have a little chit-chat with their concerns and provide them solutions. It’s also one way to prevent the “main” Twitter profile from a company (where most of the marketing action takes place) to be flooded with people tweeting about their concerns for a product.

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