SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of getting your content to rank high or stay on top of the search results. It is through SEO, that you’ll get more TRAFFIC from all the generic, organic or natural search results on search engines. 

Every search engine that you use, such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing, have their own primary results. Without proper optimization, the chances of searching your content on a search engine would be very low, or it wouldn’t appear on the search results at all. 

That’s why marketers nowadays are hiring professionals to make their content fully searchable. Also, with proper SEO, your content will have a high chance of staying on top of the search results, which is what you need in order for you to achieve constant success. 

Here’s a simplified breakdown of SEO works:

There are 3 primary ingredients in SEO, it’s YOU, the SEARCH ENGINE, and the SEARCHER. If you’re constantly publishing your articles online, you want the search engine to show your article as a top result to anyone who’s searching for a topic that is covered by your article.

One example is if you’re writing about Bees, you want the search engine such as Google, to put your work as a top-result to anyone who’s looking for Bees online. 

It’s really a simple process that requires a fully prepared SEO management. SEO is the fuel that you need in order to boost your traffic to your content, making it a more searchable content over others. 

Now, there are two types of strategies that you can choose in order to fully optimize your SEO. It’s either going to be the “White Hat SEO Strategy” or the “Black Hat SEO Strategy.” What are these strategies by the way?

Well, here’s a brief explanation about the “White Hat Strategy vs. “Black Hat Strategy

The White Hat Strategy is the best type of strategy to choose. We personally recommend you to take this path than the latter. 

The White Hat SEO strategy supports you in the following:

  • Creating relevant content
  • Stabilizing well-labeled images
  • Relevant links and references
  • Complete sentences with good spelling and grammar
  • Top-grade HTML format
  • Unique and relevant page titles

Now, let’s talk about the “Black Hat SEO”, which is the not-so-good strategy. It’s easy to determine which is good and which is bad based on colors, and in this case, you’re probably right when you think that you should avoid the “Black Hat” option. 

There’s a tough chance that you’ll get banned from search engines when using the Black Hat SEO, here are few of the reasons why:

  • It uses duplicated content
  • Invisible text and stuffed keywords
  • Cloaking or re-directing the user to another site or page
  • Links from sites are non-relevant content

Overall, we highly recommend you to choose the White Hat SEO Strategy. In order for you to achieve success, you’ll have to do it right away. 

Now, Here’s HOW WE CAN HELP YOU in Achieving your Success with proper SEO:

Our goal is to help you achieve proper results by using evergreen SEO practices that will surely get your site and/or content to climb towards the top and never risks penalization. 

You have to know that the biggest challenge that you’ll have to face today, is that the SEO rulebook is constantly changing, and websites that don’t adapt quickly may be left out, or worse, banned from the search engines, and we will never let that to happen to you.

We don’t believe in keyword stuffing, hidden content, link farming and duplication, which is why our SEO company focuses on the right usage of SEO by utilizing the White Hat SEO Strategy, this is to make sure that you’re always right on track.

Stop leaving your website behind, trust us, and we’ll do the work for you.

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