Things to Know About Google Analytics: What Is It?


If you own a site or thinking of owning one for now, then you probably need Google Analytics. Some people might say that it’s just Google’s way of stealing your data, but that’s actually a myth. Google Analytics is far beyond that. In fact, it can even help grow your website, especially if it’s an e-commerce one. But it doesn’t just end there. Google Analytics works on different kinds of websites, no matter how big or small it is. Curious of what’s the deal with all these Google Analytics stuff? Below, let’s have a quick summary of what Google Analytics is all about.

Google Analytics Explained 

Google Analytics basically collects data from people that are visiting your site. This includes age, gender, and the like. It might be a little creepy as it sounds, but you don’t need to worry because your personal information is safe with Google. Let’s say, you have a business site. For instance, this undergoes a three-flow process which is Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversion, which is the norm for business sites. 

The acquisition is the first step of the process where you acquire the user’s interest. This is the time where a user is exploring your site and see what it has to offer. When you do, we go into the next step of the process which is the Behavior, where that user starts to engage with your business. And finally, the last step, we have Conversion. Where the user transacts with your business on your site and becomes your customer. 

Google Analytics helps you analyze this data easily to save yourself from trouble. This data can be used to create new ways to attract more people to visit your site and gain more traffic. 

Let’s have another example. Picture yourself having an online merchandise store. Google Analytics will collect and analyze the data from your advertising campaign of choice to see which ones are effective to put your marketing efforts to a whole new level. Google Analytics can even go beyond by making geographical analysis to see which part of the world is more interested in what kind of products you’re selling and services you’re offering. Once you have this data, you can create different methods of attracting customers. Be it changing your marketing style, or implementing special features that seem viable for your website.

Is Google Analytics for you? Probably.

There’s no doubt that Google Analytics can really help with your website, especially when e-commerce is put into play. In the real world, it can be a bit of a chore to analyze such data. But in the virtual world, Google Analytics is here to save the day. This tool is truly a time saver and essential for everyone that owns a site. In fact, almost all sites on the web have opted for Google Analytics as their analytical tool of choice. So hop right in and join the bandwagon, and start experiencing what Google Analytics has to offer to your site.

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