Before You Build Your Website

How do you feel about the below scenario? is a great website name. It has exactly what I want my customers to know about my plumbing business and should help my SEO. My customers will be able to easily remember my email and that’s why it’s great.” See anything wrong?

There are several things that should be reviewed before building a site, buying a domain name, and choosing what platform to build your website on. Having an understanding about how customers interact online will save you time,  money, and headache in the long run.

Before You Start SEO

Architects make plans, SEO pros do as well.

Should you just start writing? Well, it’s not necessarily bad to have great content but using your time wisely is likely a better idea. If you had a GPS prior to starting a trip, wouldn’t you want to use it?  Our team is able to produce SEO reports for our customer’s websites, but also their competitor’s as well. If you knew some of your competitor’s internal business systems, wouldn’t you love to have that information?

Before You Start PPC

Before You Start PPC

Alright, Google wants me to hook-up my credit card and get started immediately. When its put that way, it might raise a red flag. There are ways to do PPC that not only cost more but can also be less effective than when managed by professionals.

Google has its Express platform to start running PPC immediately and Facebook has its boost options. In both of these cases we’ve seen dramatic reductions in cost and increased conversions when handled professionally.



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